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My 14 year old daughter, Samantha, and I attended a two day workshop on Natural
Horsemanship with Warrick Bergroth in Australia. We weren't sure what to expect,
as we had little exposure to this style of horsemanship, though what we had seen
was enough to make us keen to get further into it. I thought Samantha may have
been a little young to pick up much, but I was proved wrong as she and the others
brought their horses under control quickly, efficiently and gently under very easy to
understand instruction and the why’s and why not’s of each application. Warrick
was excellent in relating to the different ages of students and quick to help with
each as their individual needs arose. The contrast in the horses from the
beginning of the day, some were quite fidgety and pushy to the end of the day
when they all were standing expectantly but quietly with no tension on reins or lead
ropes was highly noticeable. On the second day, under the expert tuition, each
rider and horse progressed quickly. We had a fantastic weekend and were sorry
that it was over for a year. We can’t recommend this clinic highly enough and urge
anyone interested in getting more out of your horse to sign up for a clinic as soon
as you can. We will be going back next year for sure.
                                                 -Bronwyn P., Mt. Gambier, SA, Australia
The 2 day clinic was so helpful because it gave me a logical approach to becoming
a better horseman. It was a great experience. I would recommend Warrick to
anyone who wants to better themselves and their relationship with their horse.
                                                -Blane R., Littleton, CO
Warrick literally saved a Paso Fino mare's life. We sold this mare years ago and
were contacted by the current owner. The horse was just deemed unsafe by a vet
and she was to be euthanized because she would kick when picking up her back
feet. We asked Warrick if he could help her. Within days, Warrick was handling her
feet with no kicking, she was jumping barrels, and doing everything asked of her.
This mare is a testimony to Warrick's skilled horsemanship and to what he can
accomplish in a very short time without force. We were so impressed that we
purchased the Dennis Reis Freedom Course. Warrick has been instructing us
privately and we have learned so much. Not only is Warrick a gifted horse trainer,
but also he is able to teach us with clarity and understanding.

                                           -Carol Terry, Windy Point Paso Finos, Morrison, CO
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I truly appreciate the time and effort Warrick and Laura put into offering a smaller
participant clinic. It offered me more personalized attention and I was able to ask
questions and seek help. I am looking forward to continuing my training with the
help of the DVD and one hour lessons. Again- more one on one time which is
important to me. Warrick and Laura were very kinds and not belittling. They made
me feel comfortable and not stupid.

                                               -Tanya T.,Pine, CO