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After sustaining major injuries from a horse accident last fall, I wasn't sure I ever
wanted to ride again. I was shaky, scared and jumpy- and so was my horse.  We
started Warrick's clinic in this state, but by the end of it, we both were working as a
unit, the way we used to when I first started going to Warrick's clinics.
Warrick and Laura together have a wonderful way of explaining a technique,
demonstrating it, then observing their students and offering suggestions.  Their
philosophy is to try not to do anything for us, because we are the ones who are
establishing the relationships with our horses - not them. I never once felt put down
or belittled, even though I am a novice at most of this. Their patience, empathy and
encouragement is truly what helped me overcome my fears.  I highly recommend
these clinics for all riders, all disciplines and all confidence levels.  If you are like
me, you will come out of it appreciating and loving your horse all the more.  
                                                      -Wendy N.,  Bailey, CO
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Warrick’s clinic in Australia was absolutely fantastic! I can’t rave enough about  how
much Warrick and Laura have helped me. I have gone from a nervous handler and
rider who was ready to give horses away completely, to a semi confident horse
handler. I now have the basic skills and understanding to work with my horse and I
am really enjoying horses again. Thanks guys!
                                                      -Tania N., Casterton, VIC, Australia
I came to Warrick with problems loading my horse. After watching Warrick at his
clinic, I went home and with what I learned, I loaded my horse in 50 minutes. Before
Warrick, it would take 6 hours to load my horse. We’re still working on it and it’s
getting better every day. I was very impressed with what Warrick had to offer.
Thanks heaps.
                                                      -Jodie M., Bulart, VIC, Australia
I attended Warrick’s clinic in Australia as my final effort with horses. After 20 years
of riding, I had lost my passion and ability. I was not connecting with my horse and
they became a sheer frustrating exercise for me. I attended previous clinics by
other instructors and felt they were nothing more than gimmicks and a waste of
time and money. Within one hour, Warrick captured my attention, as every thing
he did and said was waking me up from a deep sleep. By the end of day one, I
knew I would finally have the right tools I needed.  I understood his instructions, he
performed all tasks himself, and I learned why each action was valuable. Early in
day two, my eyes filled with tears as I hid behind my sunglasses because now I am
ready and have good clear instructions that I will use as long as I own a horse.
Warrick has no gimmicks to sell you, his instructions are clear to understand and
you know when you have done it right because the horse always responds
accordingly. I didn't expect so much could be covered in two days. I look forward to
his next clinic here in Australia and can show him just how much he saved me and
my horse! Thank you very much Warrick.
                                                     -Juliann J., Casterton, VIC, Australia
I can’t tell you how unbelievably great it is to be able to take back control without
having to scare or pull on my horse. It’s wonderful! I would recommend Warrick’s
clinics to anyone wanting a better relationship with their horse. Thanks so much!!!
                                                    -Vikki H., Casterton, VIC, Australia
My wife and I are new horse owners and have no riding experience. However, after
attending two of Warrick's basic horsemanship clinics, we have more confidence
and feel safer when with our horses. Warrick's practical and easy approach instills
owner confidence while honoring the dignity of the horse. His helpful tips, gentle
manner and love of horses shines through and through. We look forward to
attending another clinic with Warrick.
                                                  -Gene F., Bailey, CO
I really enjoyed working with Warrick and Laura, and appreciated all the one-on-
one instruction. Also the camaraderie that developed in the group was
phenomenal- I’ve made friends I’ll have forever.  It was life changing for me
because it brought me to a better understanding of where I fit with the horse.
Thanks for a wonderful clinic.
                                                  -Page G., Olalla, WA
Warrick’s clinic allowed me to truly enjoy my horse for the first time- after owning
her for 2 years. He and Laura helped me fix a lot of small problems both in her and
in me, I thought the variety of topics was excellent- it will give me lots to work on
through the winter. I appreciate being in the company of a true horseman.
                                                    -Shelia L., Fairplay, CO
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I attended Warrick's 4 day clinic with a very green horse that is just beginning to
understand commands. The clinic was just what we needed. Warrick is an
amazingly patient teacher, clearly explained each activity, and helped each pair
practice every skill correctly. It was very informative and great fun. No one could
have been more accommodating including transportation of horses that didn't
have rides to the clinic. Thanks so much!
                                                -Jeanne E. Littleron, CO