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I recently attended my 3rd Warrick Bergroth Horsemanship Clinic. It was by far the
best one yet! This time all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together for me.
I learned why it’s so important to do the groundwork
before I even saddle up. The
information on proper equipment was so helpful. My confidence level has grown
with each clinic I attend and I enthusiastically look forward to the next one. I watch
many of the celebrity trainers and have purchased many training DVD’s. I can say
without hesitation that I learned more in 2 days with Warrick than all the others
                                                     -Gail B., Bailey, CO
The two day school with Warrick was very insightful. I was provided with
tremendous insight into my techniques. An expert is someone who does the basics
better, and that is exactly what Warrick does. His clinics are an excellent
opportunity to examine or re-examine your feel, timing, and balance. I highly
recommend them to anyone from a rank beginner to an expert.
                                                     -Evan Bonner, Port Orchard, WA
Warrick's knowledge and skill is awesome and inspiring. He's able to impart the
information and instruction with clarity, compassion, and patience. His stories about
horses and horsemen he has known are informative, as well as entertaining, thus
helping to maintain interest while giving a context for the work being done. Even
though I am such a novice, I still learned an enormous amount. I know my
confidence and skill improved enormously. It was also exciting to witness the
change in all the horses over the two days. Thank you!
                                                     -Mary B., Lakewood, CO
Warrick worked with our ranch horse during his 2 day clinic. I wish we could show
you a before and after video because seeing is believing. Prior to the clinic, this
horse had no trust in people- you couldn’t easily approach him, groom him, or work
with him. He would pull a lead rope right out of your hand to escape. Under saddle
he would bolt when you tried to mount or dismount. The horse had been with 2
different trainers (one of them had him for 2 months) and he remained the same
scared horse. Warrick had him for 2 days and by the end of the first day was riding
him safely. By the end of the second day, the horse was relaxed, trusting, and
licking his lips constantly! Can you imagine the world through his eye? Before
Warrick: braced for flight 100% of the time. After Warrick: relaxed and happy. We
still have a long way to go, but with the continued guidance of Warrick, the horse
has a bright future.
I’ve been to Natural Horsemanship clinics before and one is pretty much
guaranteed to feel inadequate. Unlike some instructors, Warrick is able to
communicate criticism without being demeaning. He understands what he is
teaching is made up of a thousand small parts and that a student can take in only a
few of these at a time. I think horse actually learn faster than we humans! Thanks,
                                          -Marci Chambers, Columbine Ranch, Fairplay, CO
I thought the time I spent at the clinic as an observer was excellent, but I really
would have loved to have been able to bring a horse and done the whole thing.
Warrick has a nice way with people, which helps to overcome awkward self
consciousness. I was nice to feel that no question is a stupid one. I feel much more
confident now. I have watched horse breakers and always felt that there must be a
better, kinder way. This was my first opportunity to attend a natural horsemanship
clinic and I am looking forward to the next one. My daughter and I are still
discussing what we learned! She is as enthusiastic as I am to put into practice what
we have picked up. Thank you, Warrick, for sharing what you have learned. We
greatly appreciate your efforts on our behalf. We will all have many safe and happy
hours with our equine buddies because of your patience with us. This is a must do
clinic, whatever discipline you are into.
                                                     -Deborah C., Casterton, VIC, Australia
I had not been exposed to this type of training before, and neither had my 4 year
old mare. We were not bonded at all prior to the clinic, but after this weekend, we
bonded! I am very pleased with Warrick’s instruction and the results I got out of my
mare. I’m looking forward to attending his next clinic.
                                                     -Amy B., Rainier, WA
Warrick is an excellent teacher! His clinic helped me recognize how my technique
and efforts affect my horse, ultimately teaching me an easier way to work with them.
                                                     -Bruce C., Enumclaw, WA
Warrick has the ability to instill you with confidence, which I had all but lost prior to
meeting him. I was even questioning whether or not I should ride anymore and I
have been training horses for over 30 years. He is able to explain things on my
level so I can understand him, which is rare in the complicated field of Natural
Horsemanship. I also liked how after demonstrating on his horse how to accomplish
a certain task, he would take the time to help me with my horse on an individual
basis. He always made time to help every rider. I will always be grateful to Warrick
and Laura for giving me back what I lost and showing me so many new things. I
have a new found enjoyment with my Mustangs again thanks to Warrick.
                                                     -Brenda Clardy, Mackscreek, MO
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Warrick worked with our 15 year old granddaughter and it was a most rewarding
time. She has gained so much confidence since Warrick’s visit. She is more at
ease handling and riding her horse, and the horse even seems to be nicer and
calmer. We certainly enjoyed and benefited from Warrick’s visit. It was a pleasure
to see that there is a quieter and gentler way to train horses. Much appreciated!
                                                     -Jean D., Casterton, VIC, Australia
Warrick halter broke my two 6 month old colts and 2 year old donkey. Prior to
Warrick’s training, I was unable to approach, halter, and lead the colts. My donkey
was haltered before, but would constantly pull back and wouldn’t go forward. It was
also difficult to pick up her feet, which made trimming impossible. In only 2 hours,
Warrick had all three haltered and leading without pulling or rearing up. He had the
donkey standing quietly tied while he trimmed her feet. It was amazing what he was
able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! The best part is the relationship
I’ve developed with them. I started with horses that would run away every time they
were approached, but thanks to Warrick they now follow me around looking for a
good rub. I want to thank both Warrick and Laura for sharing their wisdom and
experience with me. We will all benefit; humans and horses (and donkeys)!
                                                   -Tracy E., Fairplay, CO
If you desire to understand the relationship between horse and rider, Warrick
Bergroth is the avenue to take. He demonstrates and teaches the skills you will
need to communicate leadership and proper handling with your horse. I immensely
enjoyed and appreciated hi clinic, and the hard work Warrick has put into this to
gain his level of expertise.
                                                   -Vicky B., Denver, CO
Warrick’s 4 day clinic was the best time I had on horseback in many years. I
learned great new tasks and exercises that gave me more confidence in my
connection with horses. I brought a very challenging horse and still made a ton of
progress with my horsemanship
                                                   -Bonnie D., Golden, CO