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Lessons &
Teaching horsemanship,
not forcemanship.™
Private Lessons- $100/hour
I tailor private lessons to meet each rider’s needs. We will work
on anything specific you want to accomplish.
Group Lessons- $50 per person/hour
Classes are held weekly in Bailey, Golden, and Lakewood.
There are 3-5 students in a group lesson to ensure that each
student receives one-on-one attention. We work on refining
Dennis Reis’ Freedom Course during these lessons, which you
must own in order to participate.
Colt Starting- call for pricing
Problem Solving Training- $100/hour
I address and fix specific problems you are having with your
horse, such as loading in the trailer, picking up the feet, bridling,
saddling, etc. I also teach you how to resolve these problems
and how to prevent them from arising again in the future.
Training- $50 a ride OR $1,000/month. $14/day for board
From a tune up to advance horsemanship, reining, and
dressage; whatever you want your horse trained to do, I will
make it possible by using Natural Horsemanship techniques.

I offer two price plans based on the amount of training you want.
Please add $14/day for board for either option. Please provide
any supplements or special grain for your horse.