July 2010 - Bryan Neubert Colt Starting Clinic: Platteville, CO
Warrick Bergroth
Natural Horsemanship
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December 2010 - Warrick Bergroth Training a Mule: Golden, CO
Warrick Bergroth
Natural Horsemanship
Warrick desensitizing a fearful mule.
Desensitizing the mule.
This mule is very protective of his hind feet.
Warrick changing eyes.
Warrick leg yielding the mule.
Desensitizing the mule to a tarp.
Warrick getting the mule use to dragging objects.
The mule getting use to the pressure of pulling a tire.
Warrick teaching the owner how to dally up and pull a tire.
The mule becoming more accepting of the flag.