July 2010 - Bryan Neubert Colt Starting Clinic: Platteville, CO
Warrick Bergroth
Natural Horsemanship
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September 2010 - Dennis Reis World Colt Starting Challenge: Harrisburg, PA
Warrick Bergroth
Natural Horsemanship
Warrick getting forward motion before riding for the first time.
Dennis' first ride on his colt.
Warrick pushing the ball up his colt.
Colt's first ride- Warrick swinging a barrel around the horse.
Colt's first ride.
Warrick acknowledging the crowd’s cheers after laying
down his colt in under a minute.
Warrick leading his horse by his foot.
Dennis jumping his colt.
Warrick achieving vertical flexion.
Warrick leading his colt through the gauntlet.
Warrick leading his colt across the bridge.
Colts second ride- Warrick cracking a stock whip.
Warrick reassuring his colt.