August 2010 - Dennis Reis World Colt Starting Challenge: Ft. Collins, CO
Warrick Bergroth
Natural Horsemanship
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Warrick Bergroth
Natural Horsemanship
Colt starting competitors: Jay Barker, Warrick, and Dennis.
Warrick roping his horse in order to catch her.
Colt's first saddling.
Warrick putting his rope under the horse's tail.
Dennis’ colt- the most difficult horse of his career.
Jay mounting his colt bareback.
Progressive desensitization through movement.
Warrick preparing his Arab for a saddle.
Warrick pushing the red ball up his colt.
Warrick swinging a rope on his colt's second ride.
Warrick dragging a log on this horse's second ride.
Riding through the gauntlet.
Warrick jumping his colt on its second ride.
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